Sentry Surveillance Dallas   3838 Oak Lawn Ave 1000 Dallas,TX75219   (972) 850-7999
Sentry Surveillance Dallas
3838 Oak Lawn Ave 1000
DallasTX 75219
 (972) 850-7999

Reviews Of Sentry Surveillance Dallas

4.53 17 Reviews
Telemarker (Former Employee)
May 03, 2018

Although it was very stressful at Sentry Surveillance, it was like family. Everyone cared about each other. I sat at my desk all day making the required 400 calls a day and over the required time on the phone. We did get an hour for lunch and two fifteen minute breaks Unless the leads for the room was too low then the manager could at their decision shorten break time. Pros I felt comfortable there and knew everyone, . Even the Techs downstairs would fix my laptop If I asked them too free. Cons I'm on medicare but before their health ins. was too high. no sick days, etremely stressful. Everything was the employees fault

Sales Associate (Current Employee)
Jan 23, 2018

Sentry has a lot of interesting people that come in and out of there. It is a face paced environment with a high turn over if you don't take the job seriously. However once you have proven yourself it is really like a second family. Pros spiffs Cons short breaks, repetitive

Jun 30, 2017

The install went fairly smooth and the installers were very kind as professional. I have received many follow-up emails to make sure I am happy with my service.

Carl Fields
Jun 29, 2017

The installation of the new IP cameras went smoothly. I had 6 new IP cameras to replace the old ones and a new license plate camera installed. I had my DVR upgraded to a new one. The quality and clarity of the new IP cameras is amazing. The new gv eye app allows me in the HD mode to see very clearly on my phone or tablet. I can zoom in and take a photo on my phone or tablet now. I can also view history on my phone or tablet. I would highly recommend this upgrade to anyone looking to improve their visibility of their property. It was a pleasure working with the installers, techs and the support from the main office.

Dec 22, 2016

The purpose was to upgrade our cameras and have them accessible to our phones and tablets. Your technicians were very helpful in accomplishing the upgrade. We haven't completed the access to our phones because of a problem with our phones. Everyone we encountered during this process was very professional and seemed eager to help. Thanks for your service. Portia Tucker

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